Sondra Sexton-Jones, MS, CT

Licensed Professional Counselor
Thanatologist - Tramatologist
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(907) 586-3313

Professional Services

Services Offered

Ms. Sexton-Jones provides services in the following areas:

• Direct clinical services
• Individual, mental status and emergency assessments
• Corporate debriefing
• Consultation
• Legal testimony

Direct Clinical Services

Categories of direct clinical services:

• Psychotherapy with individuals, family, marital therapy children and adolescent therapy; children maltreatment and abuse issues; child custody issues; children and adult crisis intervention and therapy; grief and trauma therapy; domestic violence; substance abuse issues; EAP services.

• Consultation to individuals dealing with mental health issues relating to loss, trauma, abuse. Recommendations for treatment which may include outpatient services and/or in-patient.

• Recommendations may also include referrals to other health care providers; health care groups and agencies; government agencies; schools/educational institutions; attorneys; court systems.

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